Just like hiring a personal trainer or career mentor, partnering with a wellness coach will provide you with the support, guidance and education you need to optimise your wellness journey. Your wellness coach also acts as an accountability partner, which can dramatically increase the positive outcomes you experience

Free Wellness Lifestyle Goal Setting Session

New DoTERRA members / 50 min/ $0 / Virtual or in Person

Follow up session within the first month starting your Health  coaching or  setting up your DoTERRA membership to answer any questions & walk through the LIVE guide and focus on incorporating new wellness habits into your daily life.

Introductory WELLNESS Coaching Consultation

15 minutes  /  $0  /  Virtual 

+ Identify your individual health concerns — whether it’s less stress, more energy, better digestion or improved immunity

+ Gain a better understanding of how Wellness Coaching and our other integrated offerings can support you

+ Receive one clear, personalized recommendation to get closer to your goals

+ Receive clear recommendations that align with your personal preferences and lifestyle, which may include dietary suggestions, practical sleep tips, stress-relieving practices, workout options and more

WELLNESS Coaching Session

OR Goal SettingSession 

50 minutes  /  $170  /  Virtual or in Person

+ Determine your immediate and long-term health goals based on the areas that feel most important to you

+ Work together to shape your goals into actionable steps that feel exciting and manageable for you.

Marii Oblescuk

Marii Oblescuk is an Integrative Nutritionist and Wellness Coach trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, USA and is the founder of Darwin Complete Health and Wellness and incorporates the power of therapeutic grade DoTERRA essential oils.

As the owner of Cullen Bay Day Spa for over 12 years, she helped thousands to reduce their stress and improve the health of their skin with spa treatments and products and in response to the effects of a high stress lifestyle, she saw the need to learn and offer more to help improve her clients overall health and wellness.

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Marii addresses the root cause of an individual’s imbalance using evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes to help regain and maintain optimal health. Each person’s unique life circumstances and priorities are always taken into consideration.

Marii understands that changing habits and creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and guides clients to remove barriers, creating new healthy habits one step at a time. She empowers clients to enjoy life and food, while finding balance and getting their health on track. Marii helps people connect to their higher self through plant based energy and movement and is a true believer in using real, whole foods as both fuel and medicine.

Marii has a special interest in increasing energy and mental focus, mental and emotional wellness, cognitive decline, hormonal balance, skin health and reducing toxic load.


I found Marii at Cullen Bay Day Spa by chance, thinking I was going to have ‘ just another massage/facial ‘, but I found so much more. Marii’s knowledge of an holistic approach to improving ones physical, metal and emotional health is priceless. If your feeling tired and fatigued do yourself a favour and spend some time with Marii. Thank you again.